Jetmas Present App To The World With
Great Features

The Jetmas app is your very own personal assistant. The only app that makes it easier without you becoming lazy! Back to basics and that's what it's all about when working your contacts!


Meet Jetmas – a beautiful customer service app to help you open up more opportunities than ever before


Jetmas works on Iphone to present a call opportunity, makes the call easy, and the follow up action even easier. No sending off any of your details into the cloud as it works your existing phone contacts


Simple, effective and easy to use, Jetmas has everything to make you work your existing contact list to its full potential

Jetmas automates the Calling process
“but it still needs you to make the actual calls”

This app takes technology and innovation to new heights with its simple design and operation. It will blow you away with how it can help each and every time you use it


With absolute simplicity to use, it does all the organising of staying in touch with existing clients by making a call but ongoing management of information for ease of use.


The app will provide you with a minimum of 5 contacts per day which are randomly selected from your phones contact list. The App prompts you to stay in touch and generate business which is at your finger tips.


You don’t need to Cold Call strangers anymore! Stay in touch with your existing client data base on a regular and structured basis.


Follow up actions are a series of clicks and the app takes care of the rest. You will also receive daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports on how you are going and most importantly, a daily pop up reminder so you can’t forget!

When should I call?

The app will present five contacts to you each day. There will even be a pop up to remind you to make your Jetmas today. When you make the Jetmas is entirely up to you – you just need to make them! At the end of the day another pop up reminder will ask whether you have made your Jetmas today – think of it as a gentle reminder to remain disciplined. Importantly, there will be important information presented so that you are reminded of such things as what the person bought or sold last time or even something as simple as any other snippet of information you have included in your phone contact list. After all, we want your call to be authentic and not just a ‘touch base’ with no substance.


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With just one sale from working your existing database, the 5Calss App will pay for itself. Click here for pricing

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